Dems roast dogs under a giant Trump chicken

The Chico State Democrats, on Wednesday, were registering people to vote with hot dogs and a giant chicken.

The midterm elections are less than three weeks away, and registering to vote is being heavily encouraged all over the country. Social media has been full of links to register to vote, protesters have been stressing and Chico State recently hosted Wildcats Vote, an event that encouraged students to think about politics and to register to vote.

Dems and Dogs was held in Trinity Commons where anyone could come and register to vote, and grab a free hot dog while they were there.

“The general vibe is just go vote,” Brigitte Dahrouj president of the Chico State Democrats said. “November is upon us. If you want to make change then you need to vote.”

Brigitte Dahrouj, President of the Chico State Democrats. Photo credit: Daelin Wofford

A few local candidates for office showed up to talk about their platforms, including Scott Huber, Rich Ober and Alex Brown. Audrey Denney also happened to be hosting a rally just a few steps away. The most eye-grabbing item at the event was a giant, inflatable Trump chicken.

Chico State democrats hand out free hotdogs and voter registration cards. Photo credit: Daelin Wofford

According to Dahrouj, is a group that travels around and brings the Trump chicken to events to engage people to get them out to vote, hopefully Democrat, she said.

Many students came not only for free hot dogs, but also to meet candidates and encourage others to vote.

“Voting is important,” Jared Geiser, Associated Students Vice President said. “We have a representative democracy, and if we don’t have the people taking part in the process of electing those representatives, we don’t have legitimate representation in my personal opinion.”

The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 22. Election day is Nov. 6.

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