Audrey Denney rallies students


Audrey Denney giving her speech about what her campaign is all about, at a rally held Wednesday Photo credit: Yaritza Ayon

Audrey Denney was at the Student Success Center Plaza, Wednesday, encouraging students to vote, as well as to register to vote if they hadn’t already.

This event was hosted by student organizations, Central Americans For Empowerment and Leaders Educating for the Advancement of Dreamers.

Denney and her campaign team got together with students to inform and answer any questions they had.

Many attendees asked Denney what made her decide to run for Congress. She responded with the story about a car ride she had with her sister. There, her sister told her that women in their 30s are running for Congress for the first time and how that gave her chills and she had a gut feeling that she had to run for Congress.


“It’s really important that we have representation in the house of representatives that’s more reflective of our communities, and that includes women representatives as well as people of color and the LGBTQ community,” Denney said.

Later in the event, Denney gave a brief speech about why she’s campaigning and what this election is about. She then held a Q&A session with students.

Audrey Denney having her Q&A session with Chico State students. Photo credit: Yaritza Ayon

“This campaign is about education, this campaign is about healthcare, it’s about getting money out of politics and making sure that we elect representatives who aren’t bought and paid for by corporations” Denney said.

Students came out to show their support and share why they’re voting for Denney.

Chera Kirby at the rally to show support for Audrey Denney Photo credit: Yaritza Ayon

“I support her because of her stances on education, healthcare and agriculture,” Chera Kirby, Psychology student, said. “ A lot of our basic programs are getting cut, our EOP programs are getting cut, grants are getting cut for students who cant financial afford school.”

The last day to register to vote in California is Oct 22.

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