Law enforcement in full-force for Chavez Weekend

Law enforcement in full-force for Chavez 

University Police

Call Type: Suspicious Person

Friday, March 29, 3:44 p.m., Meriam Library

A Butte College student was reported inside the library and did not want to leave. The subject then began to eat snacks and pace back and forth in the hallway, ignoring making eye contact or talking.

Call Type: Medical Aid

Saturday, March 30, 1:24 a.m., Whitney Hall

Subject laying on the ground near Legion Avenue, said to be alcohol-related. The subject was taken away by medical personnel.

Call Type: Alcohol Issue

Saturday, March 30, 3:19 p.m., Whitney Hall

Student reported in the lobby area of Whitney Hall saying that she has taken 10 to 15 shots of alcohol. The student declined medical attention and said she had two friends with her to take care of her.

Call Type: Disturbance

Saturday, March 30, 8:12 p.m., Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority

Reporting party says she was hit by a female student who was drunk. Two male subjects helped her walk back to the dorms. Victim declined receiving medical attention or pressing charges.

Chico PD

Call Type: Hit and Run

Thursday, March 28, 4:47 p.m., East and Mariposa Avenue

Reporting party was rear-ended while heading westbound at the intersection and was able to get a picture of the vehicles and the driver. RP left to go check in for a dentist appointment and told the subject she would be right back. When the RP returned, the subject was gone.

Call Type: Party Complaint

Saturday, March 30, 3:29 p.m., 600 Hazel St.

Reporting party said a religious event was occurring at 604 West 7th St., and the loud music and people down the street were disrupting it. Noise warning was issued.

Call Type: Noise Complaint

Saturday, March 30, 11:50 a.m., 1100 West 6th St.

What was originally reported to be just a small gathering in the backyard turned into a much larger party. More people showed up, music became louder and subjects were standing on the roof of the house. Music was shut off upon police arrival.

Call Type: Fight

Friday, March 29, 6:51 p.m., 300 Humbolt Ave.

Two male subjects were reported fighting near the skate park on Humbolt Avenue. One of the subjects went unconscious and was bleeding from his mouth. No weapons were involved, but the victim was punched in the face. Both subjects declined medical attention and both left in vehicles.

Call Type: Party Complaint

Friday, March 29, 5:08 p.m. and again 7:03 p.m., 1100 Hobart St.

Large party with more than 100 people reported at this address which has been known for potential danger and violence due to past problems. Almost two hours later, the same address was reported again and multiple police units arrived and cleared out the party.