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Law enforcement in full-force for Chavez Weekend

Law enforcement in full-force for Chavez 

Trenton Taylor

April 3, 2019

University PoliceCall Type: Suspicious PersonFriday, March 29, 3:44 p.m., Meriam LibraryA Butte College student was reported inside the library and did not want to leave. The subject then began to eat snacks and pace back and forth in the hallway, ignoring making eye contact or talking.Call Type: Med...

Chico State students celebrate Cesar Chavez weekend

Janelle Bettencourt picks up trash in Lower Bidwell park with her lacrosse teammates. Photo credit: Lizzie Helmer

Lizzie Helmer, Mathew Miranda, Roberto Fonseca, and Grayson Boyer

April 4, 2018

Chico State students celebrated the Cesar Chavez holiday weekend in a variety of ways; volunteering, educating, organizing and partying with community members. Four students from different campus groups shared their Chavez weekend experiences to show that each person celebrates the holiday differently.Janelle Bettencourt,...

In honor of Cesar Chavez, students support faculty labor rights

Students gathered in Trinity Commons to support labor rights for faculty in honor of Cesar Chavez. Photo credit: Molly Sullivan

Molly Sullivan

April 2, 2016

To commemorate Cesar Chavez, Chico State students gathered in Trinity Commons on March 28 to show solidarity with the California Faculty Association strike. “We want to continue Cesar Chavez’s legacy of labor rights,” said Yvette Rivera, a senior psychology major. “It’...

Walking Dead Game hosted as alternative event during Cesar Chavez weekend

Human and zombie players were distinguished based on their glow stick bracelets. Photo credit: Bridget Comito

Bridget Comito

April 2, 2016

Students of the Christian Challenge club put on a game of capture the flag that simulated The Walking Dead on March 31.The students played humans and zombies with capture the flag integrated into the game. Humans wore red or purple glow stick bracelets while the zombies wore green and blue. The game ...

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