Storm ravages Chico State, Whitney Hall left without power, campus buildings flooded


The cross section of West Sacramento and Mechoopda Street was flooded about knee deep Tuesday Photo credit: Nate Rettinger

Chico State and the surrounding downtown areas were hit with an intense storm Tuesday, leaving buildings including Tehama Hall, Whitney Hall and the Student Health Center flooded with water. Although only west Chico was affected by the flooding, powerful rain, hail and lighting were seen throughout the majority of the city.

According to Chico State, there was minimal damage done to buildings. Classes are still in session, however, the Student Health Center was closed Wednesday. Whitney Hall, which holds over 600 people, has been out of power since Tuesday night.

On Tuesday at 4:54 p.m., a tornado warning was issued for Butte County, Nord and the surrounding areas. No tornado ended up forming, but looming clouds were seen.

A photo submitted by Hannah Brownell shows clouds forming outside of Chillys. Tuesday, a tornado warning was set in place.

A thunderstorm began just after 5 p.m., rain pouring over campus and the surrounding areas. Hail was also seen coming down, forming a slush of ice and water outside many students’ apartments and houses.

A photo submitted by Hannah Brownell shows a slush of ice outside an apartment. Intense hail was coming down Tuesday night around 9 p.m.

A flood warning was issued at 7:02 p.m. and streets began filling with water. Many cars were stopped in the road, unable to drive through. The WREC, the parking garage ground floor and the intersection of Warner and West Sacramento Avenue were completely flooded.

Modoc Hall was also flooded in the storm.

Some students, however, used the flooding to their advantage, going swimming, taking showers and canoeing through the streets. Many posted their experiences on Twitter.

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