Associated Students 2019 election results


Courtesy A.S. Office.

After a 24-hour voting period, Associated Student elections ended Thursday morning with 4,513 out of 16,964 Chico State students, about 27%, participating in the election. Here are the results for the 2019 elections.

President – Trevor Guthrie

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Courtesy A.S. Office.

Trevor Guthrie will serve as president with 1,947 votes out of 3,747 votes (52%).

Executive Vice President – Anthony Ruiz

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Courtesy A.S. Office.

Anthony Ruiz will serve as executive vice president with 3,133 out of 3,150 votes (99%).

Vice President of Business and Finance – Chris Taverrite

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Courtesy A.S. Office.

Chris Taverrite will serve as vice president of business and finance with 1,853 out of 3,424 votes (54%).

Vice President of Facilities and Services – Kaylee Bierdmann

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Courtesy A.S. Office.

Kaylee Biedermann will serve as vice president of faculties and services with 2,173 out of 3,623 votes (59%).

Director of Legislative Affairs – Bre Holbert

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Courtesy A.S. Office.

Bre Holbert will serve as director of legislative affairs with 3,337 out of 3,345 votes (99%).

Director of University Affairs – Alejandro Alfaro Ramirez

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Courtesy A.S. Office.

Alejandro Alfaro Ramirez will serve as director of university affairs with 3,096 out of 3,111 votes (99%).

Commissioner of Community Affairs – Allyah Perez

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Courtesy A.S. Office.

Allyah Perez will serve as commissioner of community affairs with 1,905 out of 3,429 votes (55%).

Commissioner of Sustainability Affairs – Jared Geiser

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Courtesy A.S. Office.

Jared Geiser will serve as commissioner of sustainability affairs with 3,135 out of 3,145 votes (99%).

Commissioner of Diversity Affairs – Guadalupe Santana

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Courtesy A.S. Office.

Guadalupe Santana will serve as commissioner of diversity affairs with 3,196 out of 3,202 votes (99%).

Commissioner of Student Organizations and Resources – Sydney Puccetti

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Courtesy A.S. Office.

Sydney Puccetti will serve as commissioner of student organizations and resources with 1,800 out of 3,407 votes (52%).

Student senators were also elected for the different Chico State colleges.

  • College of Agriculture – Hunter Andrade will serve as a senator with 1,777 out of 3,039 votes (58%).
  • College of Behavioral and Social Sciences – Ella Snyder will serve as a senator with 1,449 out of 3,133 votes (46%).
  • College of Communication and Education – Amanda Widgay will serve as a senator with 108 out of 222 write-in votes (47%).
  • College of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management – Chris Rufo will serve as a senator with 75 out of 287 write-in votes (26%).
  • College of Humanities and Fine Arts – Alex Smith will serve with 67 out of 148 write-in votes (45%).
  • College of Natural Sciences – Kendall Block will serve as a senator with 1,341 out of 3,107 votes (43%).
  • College of Business – Nicole Loiseau will serve as a senator with 1,894 out of 3,195 votes (59%).

Students also voted on this year’s ballot advisory measure and were asked whether or not A.S. should encourage Chico State to incorporate climate change education in all fields of study. The measure had 3,276 votes in support of the measure and 587 votes in opposition.

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