Sunrise Movement endorses Audrey Denney in 2020 election after Green New Deal pledge


After the event, there was a group photo of Audrey Denney and all those students and organizations that worked hard to push for this deal. Photo credit: Melissa Herrera

In the historic El Rey theatre, Audrey Denney triumphantly held the newly signed pledge to support a Green New Deal up to a roar of applause. With this pledge, Denney became an ally in the fight against climate change with the Sunrise Movement.

Saturday night a rally was held by the Sunrise Movement — a nation-wide movement passionate about making environmental changes while creating sustainable jobs for the future — to promote the Green New Deal. The event featured speakers from an indigenous tribe member, a Paradise resident and Audrey Denney, who each gave their reasons as to why they support the Green New Deal.

Audrey Denney Uplifting Speech
During her speech she was nothing but uplifting and determined when discussing the importance of this new deal. Her words touched many in the crowd and when she first signed the petition everyone was leaping out of their seats. Photo credit: Melissa Herrera

Denney ran for Congress in the 2018 election in a tight race against incumbent Doug LaMalfa. She lost the seat with her votes totaling to over 130,000 (45.1%) to LaMalfa’s over 160,000 (54.9%) votes. Despite this loss, Denney has since decided to run again in 2020 and received a historical first endorsement from the Sunrise Movement.

At the end of the event, Denney spoke on why she had chosen to stand with the Sunrise Movement and sign the Green New Deal Pledge.

“We know there is corruption. And we know that the richest people in our society control more than their share of resources,” Denney said. “But we also know that there is something we can do about it.”

Denney then signed the Sunrise Movement’s Green New Deal pledge which states she will “advance and champion, in any and all legal ways, including but not limited to, sponsoring, co-sponsoring or signing bills, resolutions or other legislation advancing the Green New Deal at the federal or local level.”

Crowd of Yellow Folders
Many held their yellow folders up to approve the ongoing challenge of furthering this new deal. Photo credit: Melissa Herrera

Steven Marquardt co-hosted the event and is the coordinator of the local Sunrise Movement in Chico. Marquardt explained why it was so big for Denney to support the Green New Deal with so many people in government denying climate change.

“The Green New Deal is acknowledging that we are facing a climate crisis. And it calls for the bold action necessary to combat it,” Marquardt said.

Marquardt also spoke on how the Green New Deal is more than the usual sustainability movement because it also focuses on issues of environmental justice.

“The beautiful thing about it (the Green New Deal) is it really acknowledges the intersectionality of all these issues and that it’s not just something to protect the environment, that alone won’t get us out,” Marquardt said. “We also have to create good jobs and empower vulnerable communities that are hit first and hardest by climate change.”

Sunrise Movement T-shirts
Members of the Sunrise Movement wore these t-shirts the entire event. They created an impactful statement for all to see. Photo credit: Melissa Herrera

The Sunrise Movement has held sit-ins outside of current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office in Washington D.C and is continuing its tour around the nation at nine major tour stops and over 100 town halls.

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