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University introduces new student housing bus safety rules

UV Shuttle arriving at the Whitney Hall stop to pick up students to take back to UV. Photo credit: Angelina Mendez

Chico State introduced a new bus schedule to the incoming Wildcats staying at University Housing for the 2019-2020 school year.

University Housing has provided this shuttle service through University Village (UV) since August 2017.

This service gives students the opportunity to catch a ride to campus every thirty minutes from 7:00 A.M. to 8:40 P.M. Mondays through Thursdays, and 7:00 A.M. to 7:40 P.M. Fridays. The shuttle service does not run on weekends.

“University Village students can utilize the UV Bus leaving UV every thirty minutes to transport students to classes on the main campus as well as the Chico State Farm.” University Housing informs students on their Frequently Asked Questions page under the transportation services tab.

Executive Director of University Housing Connie Huyck was interviewed about the new schedule and policies for this academic school year concerning the shuttle.

“We have hired two full time bus drivers, that were in the past part time, to allow for more consistency in the drivers,” Huyck said. “When you hire a part-time staff, there are times where somebody can’t show up and it’s a hardship for the shuttle.”

Asked about suggestions on what to do when a student misses the bus, Huyck suggests that students take the B-Line, ride their bikes or walk.

“There are times when the buses are going to be fuller than others and to recognize that to plan ahead, we know it can be difficult,” she said.

“It’s a 30-passenger van and what we found is that most of the time, passenger count is between nine to 16 people. There are a few times in the early morning that it is a heavier ride show. We feel that the shuttle is providing a service for the students.”

Asked how the service is impacting the safety of the students, Huyck said, “It’s only three-quarters of a mile from campus. Many students who live ¾ quarters of a mile walk, folks who end up parking in the streets and avenues end up walking further than that sometimes. But we just wanted to provide this as a convenience for the students. There’s opportunities for of course for it to be a safer situation for students, especially in the evening hours.”

Pre-nursing major and freshman Angelina Talauta was interviewed about her experiences with the shuttle and how it fits with her schedule.

“I like the shuttle a lot but sometimes the times are off,” she said. “Like when you have a 2:00 class you have to leave at 12:15 or you will be late. There are some gaps in the schedule that just don’t make sense.”

Taulta also reported how on her first day of school, she was left by the shuttle due to the lack of space and she had to rush to class which was stressful.

University Housing also informs students alternate transportation services that are offered to students for free, such as the local public bus system called B-Line Bus that takes students to and from campus comes every 30 minutes at local stops on academic days. This service also take students through downtown Chico as well.

Huyck doesn’t recommend students who miss the last shuttle in the evenings to walk home when asked about what are the safest routes to take home when the shuttle service or campus connection isn’t available.

“I encourage them to find a safe way home whether that is one of the services in Chico, taxi, uber, lyft, because that’s just gonna be the safest option.”

Asked about the safest paths to take from campus, however, Hycuk said, “I don’t know, I think everyone has to determine that for themselves, I think that students need to be aware of their surroundings and take the safest way home possible.”

The University Police Department also provides a free service to the students called Campus Connection which travels to the campus community and to housing. “Campus Connection has a stop at University Village to provide our residents a safe way to get home from campus at night.”

Chico State also provides information on the campus website under Frequently Asked Questions.

Angeline Mendez can be reached at [email protected].

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