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Off-campus dorms’ poor security causes concern

Angelina Mendez

October 27, 2019

Several students have reported attempted break-ins, lower safety precautions, and thefts at Chico State's University Village.UV is a university–owned, gated, suite-style community near campus. Since UV is off-campus, they have different rules and regulations than the on-campus dorms. Other dor...

University introduces new student housing bus safety rules

UV Shuttle arriving at the Whitney Hall stop to pick up students to take back to UV. Photo credit: Angelina Mendez

Angelina Mendez

September 4, 2019

Chico State introduced a new bus schedule to the incoming Wildcats staying at University Housing for the 2019-2020 school year.University Housing has provided this shuttle service through University Village (UV) since August 2017. This service gives students the opportunity to catch a ride to campus...

University police in process of improving security on campus

University police in process of improving security on campus

Tisha Cheney

February 28, 2018

Chief John Reid informed the campus community of upcoming improvements to security on Tuesday.Due to concerns of safety, there will be enhanced security reviews at the Physical Science building, Student Services Center and Meriam Library, according to a release from Reid.Access points will be limited ...

Campus improvements made over summer

A new paint job, as well as windows and other interior improvements have been made to the Performing Arts Center Photo credit: Katia Berg

Katia Berg

August 21, 2016

Summer for Chico State campus was a time of renovating, constructing and generally making subtle improvements. “I didn’t even know about these projects,” Nicole Nacsa said, a fourth year student studying Communication Science & Disorders. “But I heard about that new secur...

FBI vs. Apple: Privacy concerns without concern

Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Sean Daly

April 27, 2016

The recent conflict over the government's access to digital information is developing between the FBI and the giant technological producer Apple. This battle involves two global forces who each say they fight for the common good but clearly fight for their own invested interests.The issue of the gover...

Let the Panama Papers be a reminder to pay attention

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

William Rein and Dongyoung Won

April 17, 2016

There are many reasons right now to get involved in politics: whether you’re part of Black Lives Matter and believe we live in a racially contracted state; or you align with feminism and believe we live in a patriarchy; or you side with fringe political groups and believe we live in a police st...

Long road to safety on bike path

City Council voted unanimously to install cameras on the bike path but there is very little funding available. Photo credit: George Johnston

Eric Mcguire

February 29, 2016

The city of Chico and Chico State have joined forces to tackle the crime problem on the bike path that runs between the railroad tracks and campus. Although they have formed a united front, there are a number of financial, logistical and even cultural obstacles to overcome. On Feb. 16, Chico City Council unanimously passed the motion to install a sur...

Cyber attacks disable campus communication

Nicholas Carr

November 13, 2013

A series of foreign cyber-attacks which compromised the e-mail accounts of seven university staffers resulted in a disruption of campus communication during the latter half of October.The presence of an attack was established on Oct. 17, said Information Security Officer Mark Hendricks.Following the...

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