Grassroots climate town hall held at Round Table


Visitors to Round Table on Pillsbury Avenue join the town hall and watch the CNN debate. Photo credit: Abram Melendez

Local Bernie Sanders supporters came together at Round Table Pizza to watch his town hall climate change interview with Anderson Cooper.

While the event may not have been at the most ideal of places, the event served as the start of a long list of events made to garner support and raise awareness to the policies and character of Bernie Sanders.

Attendees displayed fervor and support of climate change and environment, showing a deep care towards the next generation.

Organizer Susan Sullivan has a long history of support for Bernie Sanders, working tirelessly in the last presidential election and she hopes to do the same in the 2020 election cycle.

“I volunteered a good 68 hours a week during 2015 to 2016,” Susan said of her experience during the 2016 election cycle.

Susan hopes to target Chico state students with information about climate change, Bernie Sanders, and the importance of creating positive change within the community of Chico State.

“We are going to do our best to bring in voters that have given up on voting,” she said.

How Susan intends to spread the message and how supporters organize across the North State is entirely grassroots and independently-run from the Bernie Sanders campaign.

“There were sub-groups, it wasn’t that there was one top-down organization running things,” Susan explained.

This event highlights the start of an election cycle.

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