Doc Burnstein’s has soft opening in new downtown location


Max Palmer working as a scooper during the soft open. Photo credit: Jessie Imhoff

Despite Cold Stone Creamery closing, Chico did not go without an ice cream place close to campus for long. Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab opened in its place, holding its soft opening on Thursday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

That Thursday was not their first soft open at their Chico location. Their first soft open, they were not charging for the ice cream.

James Simonaro, the chief of retail operations for the company, was in attendance at the opening. He said the company likes to do soft openings because it helps the employees practice and gives the community a taste of what we do.

Doc Burnstein's opens on Sept. 28. Photo credit: Jessie Imhoff

Doc Burnstein’s charged during their soft opening on Thursday, but all of the sales from the day went to the North Valley Community Foundation in support of Camp Fire relief.

While the store has classic flavors, they are most known for their original flavors. Their most famous flavor is called “Motor Oil,” which is a dark chocolate and Kahlua ice cream with fudge swirls.

Chico State students were in attendance on Thursday to enjoy all of the fun ice cream flavors. Kendrick Short, who was enjoying a scoop of merlot raspberry truffle in a waffle cone, said he had first heard about the shop during the first soft opening and decided to come and check it out.

Timothy Robinson, who had a chocolate shake in hand, said he was sad when Cold Stone closed, but that he’s found a new place to go with Doc Burnstein’s.

Taylor McKay, also enjoying a chocolate shake, said that Doc Burnstein’s “seems just like your favorite ice cream place.”

The new ice cream parlor also has Chico State students as staff. Kayla Saunders, a second year student at Chico State, says she really likes working at Doc Burnstein’s.

She really likes the company’s mission statement and that they give back to their communities. “I think they’re gonna do a lot of great things for Chico,” Saunders said.

Students interested in working for Doc Burnstein’s can apply on their website, and they always accept applications according to Simonaro.

Chico is Doc Burnstein’s fourth location and the company is looking to open a fifth store in Sacramento. The Chico location is the first to open outside of the central coast area.

Doc Burnstein’s officially opens on Sept. 28 and noon.

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