Chico protestors say, ‘No war with Iran’

On Saturday, members of the city of Chico became participants in the global, ‘No War with Iran,’ anti-war campaign. 

Worldwide, the size of participation in the anti-war campaign saw an increase during the recent weeks following the killing of Iranian general, Qassed Soleimani after an ordered United States airstrike. Main subjects for objection from protestors include the criticism of unnecessary foreign violence, the failure to lift sanctions in Iran and the objection of the actions of U.S. President, Donald Trump who ordered the airstrike. 

Saturday’s rally, hosted by members from Chico Saturday Peace Endeavor Vigil, was held at the corner of Third and Main Street from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.


The anti-war campaign took place in downtown Chico, taking the corners of 3rd and Main Street. Photo: Julian Mendoza

“Sixty years ago, we went out to the airport to demonstrate against the Titan missiles…it (Chico Saturday Peace Endeavor Vigil) started out like this and has been going on for 60 years,” Linda Furrsaid , “I started coming in 1979 during the Iran Hostage Crisis, and really, I have been coming ever since, saying the same thing, ‘No more War on Iran.’”

“We need to walk in others’ shoes, see other human beings as human beings, we cannot continue to make war on them, overthrow their government, we need to respect all of them,” Furr ended.


Demonstrators brought a variety of signs to bring news into the public eye, taking their time to speak to anyone who had something to say. 

“We don’t know what effect we have here, but when we’re not here, we know we have none,” volunteer and veteran Bob VanFleet said, “We have friendly discussions and I’ve changed in my own life by talking to people about these situations.”

For more information, Chico Saturday Peace Endeavor Vigil will continue to hold rallies on the intersection of Third and Main Street every Saturday from now on, lasting from 12:30 p.m. until 1:30p.m. 

Kimberly Morales can be reached at [email protected] or @kimberlymnews on Twitter.