Butte Hall undergoing renovations by Summer of 2021


Students had the chance to vote for their favorite architectural designs during Butte Hall’s Renovation Forum

On Jan. 30, Chico State students had the opportunity to meet the design team and provide feedback on the different draft alternatives and scenarios illustrating how Butte Hall could look in the future. 

The Butte Hall Renovation Forum took place outside Colusa Hall. Students had the chance to observe and critique which designs could possibly be built for the new Butte Hall.

Renovations for Butte Hall are set to start in the summer of 2021. However, with the different architectural designs that could possibly be constructed in Butte Hall, students had the opportunity to voice their opinion to the design team. 

‘’We care about students’ and faculties’ opinion on the different designs that were built for the renovation,’’ associate designer for AC Martin, Oleg Mikhailik said. 

Architectural firm AC Martin and Turner Construction Company will be the team working on Butte Hall’s renovations. 

Butte Hall is composed of various facilities. However, business development manager Drake Costa said, “There could be more potential departments that will move to Butte Hall after renovation.’’ 

A few of the architectural designs consisted of mixed furniture outdoor areas, outdoor classrooms, lounge spaces, a kitchen and break room and nursing rooms. 

During the renovation forum, students were able to select their favorite architectural designs by voting with color dots and placing them on the design. Green dots were utilized by faculty working in Butte Hall while blue and orange dots represented student votes.

Students had the opportunity to mark down which designs were their favorite and ask the design team questions.

“The architectural team has very strong ideas and plans … there has not been anything like this while I’ve attended here … I believe Butte Hall needs an upgrade and needs to feel more interactive for Chico State students,’’ junior interior architecture student Leslie Roman said.

Turner’s and AC Martin’s goals for the renovated Butte Hall are a place where students can learn, collaborate, create, and study.

“This is one way for designers to figure out what they are going to do … I am glad they are doing this and getting the students involved by letting them give their opinion on the different designs,’’ interior architecture Professor Rouben Mohiuddin said.  

Butte Hall renovations are set to begin during the summer of 2021.

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