Concerned students respond to Downtown Chico vandalism

Student employees from Collier Hardware, located in Downtown Chico, voice concern about rise in vandalism. Photo by Courtney Collier

Recent vandalism at Collier Hardware, located in Downtown Chico, has employees worried. 

On Feb. 5, two glass doors were shattered at Collier Hardware. However, this is not the first time the hardware store has been vandalized. 

Chico State student Jaquelyn Goodman is an employee at Collier Hardware.“Since I’ve worked here, another door has also been broken into,” Goodman said.  

Goodman said her bosses are concerned with the increase in vandalism and are in contact with the Chico Police Department.

“Our bosses are upset, this kind of stuff could hurt business,” Goodman said. 

Another employee, Hannah Melton, is a junior at Chico State. When Collier Hardware was vandalized, Melton said she felt weird about the situation. 

“I don’t understand why someone would do this to the store,” Melton said. “We have loyal customers, but this situation might scare off new ones.” 

Goodman and Melton believe that more needs to be done to help prevent these crimes, but are hopeful that the Chico Police are doing all that they can to help.

Denine’s Cupcakes is a small shop located across the street from Collier Hardware. Macie Pires, an employee at the bake shop, is also concerned about vandalism occuring in Downtown Chico. 

Pires, also a junior at Chico State, said it is scary working shifts alone after seeing this type of crime happen so close by. Although Pires has never experienced this type of activity happen directly at Denine’s, she said surrounding shops feel its effect as well.

 “Vandalism is a big issue everywhere, but small businesses here (Chico) are really impacted by it.,” Pires said. “I keep my phone on me and keep the Chico Police Department number close. I always see cops around and I think they are doing their best since we are located so close to the college.” 

On the night of the incident at Collier Hardware, male suspect, Michael Zillyette was arrested on suspicion of damaging property.

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