Chico man gains ability to make food instantly disappear

The patio of Woodstock’s Pizza was filled with anticipation. Two large tables were filled with hungry participants looking for a chance to be champion. The task ahead of them was simple: finish a pound of Woodstock’s hot tots before anyone else. 

Last Thursday, the popular pizza restaurant in downtown Chico hosted a sold-out tater tots competition. The winner received not only Woodstock’s merchandise, but a pizza party fit for 15 people as well.

Around the table were fans squeezed shoulder-to-shoulder to see the intense action about to go down. If music was playing, you couldn’t hear it over the sound of the crowd. Everyone was talking about the tater tots competition. How much is a pound of tater tots? How spicy are hot tots? How long is this going to take?

The crowd went silent when a Woodstock’s server announced the rules. The only rules were you had one cup of water to finish the plate of spicy tots, and the winner is the first to finish the plate. With the rules in place, everyone was ready for the tots to arrive.

The contestants eyed the plate of tots like a predator stalking its prey. When all the plates were set, the countdown began.

Chaos ensued. 

People were shoveling tater tots in their mouth, some making mashed-up tater tot balls to eat faster, but in the end, only one champion emerged. His name is Josh Jamison, a 28-year-old Chico resident.

Jamison managed to inhale a pound of hot tots in 45 seconds. 

Jamison’s strategy was to ball up the tater tots and eat as much as possible every mouthful. 

When it comes to food challenges, Jamison might be a natural. He also won a group pizza eating contest at Woodstock’s as well. These two competitions are the only events he’s participated in. 

Jamison didn’t prep at all for the competition, even eating lunch that day.

“I just did my normal day and came ready to eat,” Jamison said, holding his new Woodstock’s drinking glass.

Woodstock’s hosts weekly events like trivia night on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Remember, when the next food challenge is announced, Jamison is going to be there and hungry.

Elijah Ewing can be reached at [email protected]