Chico State: 86% of students vaccinated, nearly 600 religious exemptions granted


Kimberly Morales

Silvia Bustos prepares a flu vaccine outside of the Meriam Library on Oct. 22.

Chico State reported on Wednesday that 86% of students have been vaccinated against COVID-19; the university has also disclosed that it granted 10 religious exemptions for every one medical exemption. 

As of Oct. 22, more than 99% of students completed this process, according to Chico State Media Relations Coordinator Sean Murphy.

Student vaccine numbers

  • 13,851 students certified they are vaccinated
  • 86% of students certified they are vaccinated
  • Less than 1% of students have not certified

Employee vaccine numbers

  • 1,782 of 1,948 employees have self-certified as vaccinated

Approved exemption numbers 

  • Students: 59 approved medical exemptions, 592 approved religious
  • Employees: 11 approved medical exemptions, 68 approved religious
  • Across the university, 730 vaccine exemptions were granted

The months-long self-certification system was implemented by the university, requiring students to either establish their vaccination against COVID-19 or be granted an approval for a religious or medical exemption. Students and employees of the university have been responsible for providing their vaccination status in compliance with the mandate implemented by the California State University system.

At this time, the university continues to require face coverings at all times while indoors on campus.

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