First potential case of monkeypox at Chico State

The first possible case of monkeypox on Chico State’s campus was reported early Thursday evening, according to the WellCat Health Center.

This announcement came from an email that said an individual might be infected with the virus and currently has tests pending in a lab. 

“The individual is in isolation, recovering, and receiving University support,” the email wrote. “Chico State is working with Butte County Public Health as potential close contacts are being notified.”

As the University continues to monitor the situation, they emphasized that students, faculty and members of the community should familiarize themselves on how to reduce the risk of transmission

WellCat Health Center also stated, “Transmission primarily requires prolonged face-to-face contact or skin-to-skin contact with an individual when symptoms are present. It does not typically spread before symptoms start.”

According to the WellCat Health Center, the symptoms can include “rash, fever and swollen lymph nodes.”
The CDC also lists chills, exhaustion, headaches, respiratory issues and muscle aches as potential symptoms, and that those infected can experience all or just a few of these.

Symptoms of monkeypox usually occur within three weeks of exposure following flu-like symptoms. Often a rash then develops within one to four days. The rash can last anywhere between two and four weeks. 

So far the California Department of Public Health has reported four cases of monkeypox in Butte County. There are currently 3,624 reported cases statewide.

The United States has reported only one death due to Monkeypox, when an individual from Texas died on Aug. 30. 

Though this is not a confirmed case of monkeypox, WellCat Health Center ends the email by stating that Chico State, “is not planning to announce future cases at this time.”

If you suspect you or a loved one has been exposed to the virus, avoid physical contact with others and wear a mask around them, wash your hands frequently and inform those you have come into contact with about your symptoms.

The WellCat Health Center can be reached at (530)898-5241 and Butte County Public Health at (530)552-3929.

Molly Myers and Noah Herbst can be reached at [email protected].