Alleged drunk-driving student hits woman wearing costume


Police duty volunteers with the Chico Police Department maintaining a barrier on Ivy Street after the collusion. VIP Tim Truby on the left and VIP Paul Bailey on the right. Photo taken by Molly Myers, Oct. 22.

A woman suffered major bodily injuries after being hit by a car on Ivy Street less than two blocks from campus late Saturday evening. The 24-year-old driver, Cole Carpenter, a student at Chico State, was arrested and charged with allegedly driving under the influence.

The woman was transported to Enloe Medical Center. Police Sergeant Tony Ferreira described the incident as a “single vehicle collision vs pedestrian.” 

According to a Chico Police Department press release, officers were dispatched at 11:41 p.m. to the intersection of Ivy Street and W 3rd Street.

Paul Bailey, volunteer in police service with Chico Police Department, said, “When we pulled up she was just laying on the ground.”

Hezekiah Contreras, Butte College student, saw the collision occur and said police showed up “in a matter of minutes.” 

According to Contreras the victim was wearing a dark costume with a reflective sash. Her medical condition is currently unknown.

“I saw the car and I thought they were going to stop,” Contreras said.

Contreras is planning to be an EMT. When he saw the crash his first instinct was to help. The woman hit by the car was lying face down. The group Contreras was with suggested they move her, but he advised them to not touch her until paramedics arrived. 

The driver of the car got out immediately according to Contreras. The car’s windshield sustained cracks and was partially caved-in during the collision. The silver Chevy sedan remained on scene during the investigation.  

car broken windshield silver car
The car involved in the collision. The windshield sustained major cracks and partially caved in. Photo taken Oct. 23 by Molly Myers.

The Orion will be updating this article as more information becomes available. 
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