Chico State holds antisemitism panel in wake of hate crimes

Arson, hazing and graffiti plague Jewish community


Graphic for Chico State’s antisemitism panel. Courtesy of Daniel Veidlinger Feb. 5.

Multiple instances of antisemitism occurred in the campus community during the past year. According to Kristy Collins, executive director of Chico Hillel, an unnamed fraternity gave a pledge a nickname, that referenced the tattoos issued to Jews during the Holocaust.

In another instance, antisemitic graffiti was written on a dirty vehicle in a university parking lot.

Outside the campus community antisemitic flyers were distributed in a Chico neighborhood, and an arsonist vandalized the sign of a local synagogue. The synagogue was vandalized shortly after antisemitic remarks from celebrity Kanye West. 

“That was the immediate prompt for this event,” according to Daniel Veidlinger, professor of comparative religion and humanities.

The department of comparative religion and humanities is holding the panel Thursday, Feb. 9 from 5-6:45 p.m. The panel will take place on campus in ARTS 111. 

Speakers will include comparative religion and humanities professor Jed Wyrick, art history professor Asa Mittman, comparative religion and humanities professor Heather Altfeld, media arts, design and technology professor, Joshua Moss, and University of Michigan Judaic studies professor, Jeffery Veidlinger

The flyer for the event describes the panel as, “a discussion on antisemitism,” and states that, “Antisemitic statements are on the rise among celebrities, online, and even in our classrooms.”

According to the flyer the panel will focus on: 

  • The long history of antisemitism.
  • The ways antisemitism shows up in contemporary American Society.
  • Strategies for creating a safe and welcoming environment for Jews and people of all backgrounds.

This event is free and open to the public. A Zoom option is available with prior registration. More information on this event can be found by contacting Daniel Veidlinger, at [email protected] or (530) 898-4637.
Antisemitism and other forms of hate can be reported to To better understand antisemitism Hillel International offers a three-part informational video series on their website.

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