Quiz the Candidates: Chico State’s AS election Q&A


Photo of the BMU. Taken March 29 by Alejandro Zepeda.

Quiz the Candidates: Chico State’s AS election Q&A

Chico State hosted its Quiz the Candidates forum on March 29, for the upcoming student government election. The event took place in Bell Memorial Union with students and volunteers in attendance.

The room was filled with tables decorated with blue centerpieces and streamers on the ceiling. Hummus, carrots, meatballs, macaroni and lemonade were catered by the Associated Students. The guests in attendace then took a seat of their choice, once the forum started, the candidates rotated in a clockwise direction every four minutes in order to communicate their message.

Brian Zarate, the main speaker and facilitator of the event, guided the guests and volunteers to ensure that the event ran smoothly.

“We were really happy about the turnout,” Zarate said. “I’m glad that the students were as happy as me to be a part of this process.”

The Q&A sessions offered an opportunity for students to ask the candidates questions about their plans if they get elected. Topics included student housing, community events and why they are running for office.

Volunteers made sure that each candidate got one minute to talk about the topic they were asked, as well as ensured that everybody was asked the same question and nobody played favorites. Many of the volunteers were student leaders from different departments. Austin Landry who works for New Student Orientation & Transition Programs, volunteered for the event.

Photo of general election voting QR code. Taken March 29 by Alejandro Zepeda.

Landry had the opportunity to make sure each candidate had their respected time and made sure that the students understood the candidates policies and goals

The opportunity for the candidates to engage with the students and for the students to gain a better understanding of the candidates’ views and intentions was the primary goal of this event. It allowed dialogue between the candidates and the student body.

Sabino Urrutia, a program coordinator for the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center, engaged with the candidates and asked them questions about their policies. Urrutia, like other students, came to the Quiz the Candidates event with an open mind ready to learn.

“I wasn’t entirely sure who was running for what, this was a good way to meet and get to know some of the candidates,” Urrutia said. 

The forum ended with students expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to engage with the candidates. The candidates thanked them for their participation and engagement. 

Associated students have no other events until the Election Extravaganza on April 4, which will take place on Trinity & Glenn lawn. Elections will last for 24-hours from 8 a.m. April 4 to 8 a.m. April 5.

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