Campus gallery displays surreal self-portraits

BS-O Exhibit- LifeSizeMe+Air_01.jpg

A new exhibit called “Life Size Me + Air” features artwork from one of the art department’s drawing classes.

Located at Between the Stairs and the Office Gallery on the first floor of Ayres Hall, the show features large scale drawings of what each of the artists interpret as themselves.

The art varies from a woman floating in water to a man with tubing and electronics jutting out of his body.

The art is drawn on paper about 4 feet high and 2 feet wide, to show great detail in each interpretation.

One piece features the detailed face and lungs of a woman — the rest of her body is composed of simple lines and shapes.

The gallery emphasizes the differences in how people view themselves and how they translate that in a way the world can interpret.

“I think it’s interesting to see what people’s interpretations of their own personas are,” said Megan Keller, a senior arts major.

Melissa Betty, Zachary Brown, Aleksander Hill, Di Mitchell, Dillon Rapp, Ian Roffe, Chelsea Ross and Lea Schweikhard are the featured artists.

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