The Orion

‘Rainforest IV’ imitates wildlife through ceiling-suspended sculptures

Each student suspended a

Julia Maldonado

October 17, 2017

A pitter-patter of rain and forest-creature sounds saturated the air of Ayres Hall 122 on Thursday, but one wouldn't believe that a collection of diverse items caused the illusion of a downpour. Students from ARTS 371 (Sound Art) chose items to hang from the ceiling, ranging from vodka bottles and drums, ...

Printmaker in the making

Jazmin Gonzalez, senior art major with an emphasis in printmaking, came across the art of printmaking in the studios and classrooms of Chico State. Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador

Floritzel Salvador

March 23, 2016

Jazmin Gonzalez, senior art major, focuses her art on printmaking. Printmaking is everywhere, literally. You may pass by pieces of print on your way to class or to work. But very few people know the process or the people behind these phenomenal pieces of work. Luckily, Chico State has students that...

John C. Ayres: More than just a name on campus

Ayres' daughter, Jean Ayres-Clark (right), and granddaughter Cara enjoy the University Art Gallery exhibit celebrating Ayres' life and artwork on Nov. 13. Photo credit: Emma Wood-Wright

Emma Wood-Wright

December 1, 2014

Sharp, precise lines intersect, making shapes on a piece of white paper. The watercolor shapes overlap, forming a building that looks like the Emerald City from "The Wizard of Oz." There is no bleeding. There are no imperfections. This year celebrates the centenary of the artist of that piece, whose name is all over campus, altho...

Campus gallery displays surreal self-portraits

Jerome Pouwels, instructor of

Veronica Hodur

February 26, 2014

A new exhibit called "Life Size Me + Air" features artwork from one of the art department's drawing classes.Located at Between the Stairs and the Office Gallery on the first floor of Ayres Hall, the show features large scale drawings of what each of the artists interpret as themselves.The art varies from a woman floating in wa...

‘Notations’ drops the beat

Marie Collor, a senior fine art and sculpture major, is standing next to her installment for the

Veronica Hodur

February 10, 2014

"Notations" is a new kind of exhibit that incorporates sound and music ideals into art. Located at Between the Stairs and the Office Gallery on the first floor of Ayres Hall, the installment was created by the Sound Arts 371 class. The instructions for the assignment required each student to bring...

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