‘Notations’ drops the beat


Marie Collor, a senior fine art and sculpture major, is standing next to her installment for the “Notation” exhibit. For this exhibit, students created a score that can be performed by anyone with or without musical training. The score could be written for a specific object or musical instrument.Photo credit: Frances Mansour

“Notations” is a new kind of exhibit that incorporates sound and music ideals into art.

Located at Between the Stairs and the Office Gallery on the first floor of Ayres Hall, the installment was created by the Sound Arts 371 class.

The instructions for the assignment required each student to bring in objects to create an instrument or bring in a specific instrument they wanted to use.

The goal was to make differences in sound, pitch and tonality that an audience member could create.

Students like biology major Steven Spargue liked how the art students utilized these objects to create art.

“It was cool that they could turn these random objects into art,” Sprague said.

Though the exhibit has no sign as to whether the audience can actually create noises with the installments, each piece has instructions by the artist on how to create noises with the art.

The pieces vary from hammering bread and metal bowls to simply clapping and stomping feet.

The B-SO Space, so named from its location between the arts office and the stairs, will feature this installment until Feb. 14.

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