The Orion

‘Imagining the Past’ encourages us to think about our world

Simon Halland and Sophia Zoller admire some of the work showcased at

Alex Coba

August 31, 2018

“'Once, as old stories tell us…' was how Geoffrey Chaucer began “The Knight’s Tale,” one of his famous Canterbury Tales. We still tell stories and write histories by opening with sentiments such as this one. Professor and guest curator Corey Sparks opened with this quote to present the “Imagining...

‘Notations’ drops the beat

Marie Collor, a senior fine art and sculpture major, is standing next to her installment for the

Veronica Hodur

February 10, 2014

"Notations" is a new kind of exhibit that incorporates sound and music ideals into art. Located at Between the Stairs and the Office Gallery on the first floor of Ayres Hall, the installment was created by the Sound Arts 371 class. The instructions for the assignment required each student to bring...

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