Printmaker in the making


Jazmin Gonzalez, senior art major with an emphasis in printmaking, came across the art of printmaking in the studios and classrooms of Chico State. Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador

Floritzel Salvador

Jazmin Gonzalez, senior art major, focuses her art on printmaking.

Printmaking is everywhere, literally. You may pass by pieces of print on your way to class or to work. But very few people know the process or the people behind these phenomenal pieces of work. Luckily, Chico State has students that are talented printmakers.

If you go to the studio located on the first floor of Ayres Hall on a Sunday afternoon, you’re most likely going to meet Gonzalez, a student who spends countless hours perfecting her prints.

She is a 21-year-old who’s really good at printmaking.

Gonzalez came across printmaking when she first came to Chico State. Prior to that, she didn’t have much knowledge about this form of art.

“Not many people know about printmaking,” Gonzalez said. “This type of art requires a lot of skill; it’s very contemporary and experimental, but it’s still underrated.”

She is currently working on a series of prints that relate to her own personal growth.

“I like to focus on adaptation and symbolism, because I feel like my art should say what it means,” she said.

Floritzel Salvador can be reached at [email protected] or @floritzelns on Twitter.