Sparking Sustainability

The City of Chico announced its goal to be carbon neutral by 2045. The electrification campaign is part of their climate action plan aiming at making Chico more sustainable. Electrification is the process of changing home appliances from gas to electric.  

The campaign is educating homeowners on the benefits of home electrification and how the community can begin to electrify their homes. 

Ruby Trigureo is a key part of the campaign working to help spread the word on electrification. She is working closely with the city helping plan the outreach for the campaign. 

Trigureo has been a part of this process, advocating the benefits of electrification. The plan was implemented in the Chico Climate Action Plan in 2021. 

“The goal to increase electrification is not cut and simple,” Trigureo said. “The road to reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires an in-depth understanding of the individual community.”

The efforts and outreach of the electrification campaign have slowly begun to create a better environment and a greener Chico. Electrification helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by going electric. Aside from the direct greenhouse gas reductions, electrification has also seen benefits in health, cost savings and opening up more job opportunities. 

There have been hurdles to overcome while trying to implement the campaign, with many not understanding what electrification is. For now, the main goal of the campaign is to educate the community. 

“The outreach and education can be better targeted to fit the community,” Trugureo said. 

Still, things are changing, so get ready for a greener future. 

To learn more about the benefits of the campaign, visit the City of Chico table at the Thursday Night markets

Meara Hain can be reached at [email protected]