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Deep Etch looks at the past of printmaking

James McManus

Alex Coba

October 22, 2018

"Deep Etch: Legends of Chico Printmaking" is the latest exhibition to come to the Janet Turner Print Museum this fall.Since the hiring of John C. Ayres in 1946, who established an accredited art program, the art department at Chico State has seen great art faculty come and go. This gallery is design...

Curator preserves artistic expression at Chico State

Catherine Sullivan, curator of the Janet Turner Print Museum, explains what it means to procure art and what takes place day-to-day in her work. Photo credit: George Johnston

Tom Sundgren

March 21, 2015

Since 1968, Catherine Sullivan has studied and been immersed in art at Chico State and now helps to ensure that art continues to thrive on campus as curator of the Janet Turner Print Museum. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees both in studio arts and art history. When looking for jo...

Art advocates concerned by cuts

Erin Wells (left) and Debra Simpson (right) banter as they enjoy the current art hung up on the gallery located on orange street.Photo credit: Annie Paige

Madison Holmes

February 14, 2014

After a year of tough budget cuts and layoffs, community members are worried that Chico will soon cut funding to local arts programs. The city's dire financial challenges have been an issue for a while now and members of the Chico community believe cuts are inevitable when the City Council approves a new budget in June, said Mark Orme, assistant city ma...

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