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Explore Upper Bidwell Park with a day trip on the Yahi Trail

Victor Guerrero along with his dog hiking the Yahi Trail. Photo credit: Katalina Santamaria

Katalina Santamaria

May 8, 2018

Located in Upper Bidwell Park, roughly 10 minutes outside of Downtown Chico, the Yahi Trail is a simple, yet exciting hike that leads to Chico’s beloved Bear Hole. There are various ways to get to Bear Hole, such as simply driving on the road from Monkey Face, but the Yahi Trail leads for an adventurous...

Bear Hole: Formerly a hidden gem, now a Chico favorite

Swimmers taking a dip while a couple hikes down to the water. Photo credit: Courtney Chapman

Courtney Chapman

April 17, 2018

You hear rushing water but all you see are fields around you. There are some strange jagged rock formations and as you approach them, you see a large drop leading down to the rushing river below.This is Bear Hole.Located in Upper Bidwell Park roughly 10 minutes outside of downtown Chico, Bear Hole is a f...

Bucket list of activities for students

Chico State's Bucket List Photo credit: Monica Fitch

Stephanie Schmieding

September 19, 2014

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Bear Hole