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Backup documentaries for binge watchers in need of binging

Promotional photo courtesy of the official HBO GO Facebook page.

Carly Plemons

August 24, 2016

Binge watching is cool until you’ve watched every episode there is and become overwhelmed with a sensation of emptiness.In case anyone has become stuck in this cycle of idle scrolling, desperately seeking a replacement for the show you just lost, here are a few documentaries to make this time ...

A guide to binge watching

Netflix is one of the top streaming services used to binge. Photo from official Netflix Facebook page.

Cassandra Porter

March 24, 2016

Some run marathons, others watch them.Binge watching: noun. The practice of watching multiple episodes of a television program at a rapid pace, typically on DVDs or digital streaming. The phenomenon of binge watching has become increasingly popular in recent years following the release of digital st...

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