The Orion

Nobody likes a violent pothead

Kevin Crittenden

March 8, 2014

  Looking at me with a clenched jaw and wide open eyes, the man who, a moment ago, had held a knife to my neck lunged towards the open window of my cab. Reacting without thinking, I found drive—slamming the gas, car lurching forward, I watched the bastard roll across the apartment driveway from my rearview mirro...

Eye of the driver

Kevin Crittenden

Kevin Crittenden

January 22, 2014

Driving a cab in Chico was the best crappy job I’ve ever had.I gave rides to hookers, lawyers, lowlifes and lonely drunks. I was always surprised at the quality of conversation, the openness of communication my passengers felt riding with me. If it wasn’t for the dangerous people and crazy hours I mig...

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