The Orion

Guide to pairing cheese with wine, beer and cider

A tasteful assortment of various types of cheese, eagerly awaiting to be paired with the perfect wine, beer or cider. Photo credit: Grace Kerfoot

Grace Kerfoot

October 1, 2015

While drinking in college is somewhat of a right of passage, alcohol doesn’t have to be all about the body shots, cheap beer and hot mess hangovers. One way to ease yourself into a more sophisticated drinking lifestyle is by hosting a cheese and wine, or cheese and beer, party. While there are techni...

Unhealthy food is the best food

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Megan Mann

April 14, 2015

Breaking news: Kraft Singles are no longer considered a children's health food. Well no duh, Sherlock Holmes, I could have told you that. But you know what, they sure do taste amazing.Just last week I had this discussion with my mom. Well, it was more like she lectured me on how bad for me American cheese ...

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