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A single’s guide to Chico State social life

Kendall George

March 10, 2019

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It's cuddle season. That is, it's cuddle season if you have someone to cuddle with. However, for a large portion of us cuddle-less Wildcats, "single" is a word that doesn't seem to be going away in our lives any time soon. But worry not! Being single has its benefits and if you're looking to rock th...

Swipe left on Tinder U

Swipe left on Tinder U

Brooke Martin

September 9, 2018

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Almost every college student is aware of Tinder, the most popular dating app. While there are many dating apps out there, Tinder continues to dominate the field. This is especially true for college students. Recently, Tinder released a new app feature called ‘Tinder U’. Tinder claims it wi...

Steer away from dating apps this Valentine’s Day

Steer away from dating apps this Valentine’s Day

Karen Limones

February 10, 2018

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When someone is longing for a relationship or has recently had a breakup, Valentine's Day is a cruel reminder of reality, according to Psych Central. Sometimes, those who are in a vulnerable state look for satisfaction and acceptance through dating apps.Attraction and desire cannot be predicted by da...

One in a million swipes to the right

One in a million swipes to the right

Kameryn Whipple

August 24, 2015

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More than a year and a half ago, Chico State student Hailey Erickson made the decision to swipe right. Recently, she has made the decision to move in with the same man that she swiped right for. Erickson and her boyfriend, Chris Bolanos, met on Tinder— a dating app notorious for hookups. But Er...

Tinder doesn’t bring true love

Tinder doesn’t bring true love

Veronica De La Cruz

November 25, 2014

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While some people fall in love at first sight, most young adults are now falling in love at first swipe. But is it really love? I know I'm not the first one to admit I've tried an app like Tinder. All my single friends were talking about it, so I thought, why not? I'll give it a try. It see...

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