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  • Senior golfer, Tyler Ashman on the foggy golf course in Bodega Bay.


    Wildcats take second place at Sonoma State’s golf tournament

  • Suspect of car chase being taken into custody. Photo taken Sept. 22 by Mahlet Iseley.


    Car chase on main street in broad daylight

  • Created by Ariana Powell on Sept. 18.


    A genre of a person; music and personality

  • Created by Ariana Powell on Sept. 18 using Adobe Photoshop. Base photo by Markus from Pixabay.


    Suicide is not a dirty word

  • Created by Ariana Powell on Sept. 19.


    One step closer to possible CSU faculty strike; CFA enters fact-finding session

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Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Commitment: The college epidemic

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // April 10, 2016
College students are struggling with commitment now more than ever, and it's time we start embracing our promises.
Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Presidential election vital to women’s rights

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // April 4, 2016
The future of our abortion rights hangs in the balance of this year's election.
Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Warning: smoking may cause laziness

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // March 27, 2016
I think it's time to face the facts: Students may not be able to keep up with our college's smoking culture.
Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Feminism is my favorite F word

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // March 22, 2016
Today's college students need to grasp and accept what it truly means to be a feminist.
Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Sanders loses popularity on social media

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // March 13, 2016
After a questionable racial comment made in Michigan's Democratic debate, Sanders received negative backlash on social media.
Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Rock makes a bang at the Oscars

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // March 8, 2016
Chris Rock hosted the 88th annual Academy Awards and made quite a statement with his intense focus on the #OscarsSoWhite issue this year.
Photo courtesy of William French

Documentaries: a new frontier

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // March 2, 2016
Sick and tired of the same old Netflix choices? Try switching over to documentaries!
Photo credit: Helen Suh

Food for thought

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // February 21, 2016
Our mindless eating habits have started to seriously cramp our food culture's style.
Image credit: Grant Garnsey.

Queen B doesn’t deserve to be dethroned

Emma Vidak-Benjamin // February 14, 2016
Beyoncé has recently received backlash for her music video that deserves much more respect and applause.
Photo credit: Helen Suh

Give ‘The Bachelor’ a chance

January 30, 2016
With so much negative attention surrounding the TV show "The Bachelor," it's time someone stands up for the reality series.
Photo credit: Helen Suh

Second semester is the time for redemption

January 30, 2016
Learning from our mistakes of the first semester motivates us to work even harder second semester.
Illustration by Emily Reising Photo credit: Emily Reising

Overcoming the obstacles and navigating the hurdles of sex

December 15, 2015
It's time to loosen the pressures set in today's sex culture, otherwise, we may be doomed.
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