Give ‘The Bachelor’ a chance


Photo credit: Helen Suh

Considering the recent premiere of ABC’s hit show “The Bachelor,” and the great amount of hype and attention surrounding it, I think it’s time that someone defends the regularly dissed reality show. I know both men and women (men in particular) enjoy slamming the show, calling it out for its fake, doubtful and often questionable plot line. However, I urge people to give the show a chance!

When it comes to “The Bachelor,” it’s important that audiences go into it with an open mind. Know that it will be a little ridiculous and outrageous, but people (like me) who genuinely enjoy the show don’t appreciate all the offhand jokes and remarks that come from those who aren’t fans.

Of course I know a fair amount of the show is absolutely scripted and manipulated, but there’s a reason the show has such high viewership and social media presence, especially this season. And that’s because it’s just simply entertaining! Putting all opinions aside, the show provides two hours of entertainment while viewers are able to watch crazy catfights, awkward dates, amazing dates, suspenseful rose ceremonies and everything in between.

I’ve figured out the key to being a “Bachelor” fan: don’t take it so seriously. Many people look too deeply into the show and find so many flaws, when it’s just a reality TV show meant to provide entertainment for the audience. Of course, you could look for a more profound meaning behind the show and dissect its many vices, and I would be lying if I said I never did that. But like I said before, it’s a light-hearted show that I like to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Also, I may just be a bit of a romantic but the dates on “The Bachelor” are absolutely amazing, and I find myself along with my friends fantasizing about Ben H. (this season’s bachelor) taking us out on a helicopter while falling in love. It sounds a little ridiculous, but it’s fun to daydream and even drool about the over-the-top dates: fireworks, live music, dancing, boat rides, helicopters and hot tubs.

Next time you skip past “The Bachelor” or roll your eyes when you see it on TV, I urge you to think twice and give it a chance. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite show, or at least something with high entertainment value to keep you occupied for two hours on Monday nights – it couldn’t hurt.

Emma Vidak-Benjamin can be reached at [email protected] or @gnarlyemma on Twitter.