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Not having children is my choice, not yours

Photo credit: Bobbie Rae Jones

Joann Chevaillier and Bobbie Rae Jones

April 18, 2016

Easter is such a fun day to watch kids run around all hopped up on sugar and looking for eggs. While visiting my boyfriend's family, I was having so much fun, then suddenly the dreaded question gets asked, “Don’t y'all want to have one of these running around?” My reply is, “Oh, I don’t know,”...

Rainy weather may make students sad

Illustration by Dongyoung Won.

January 26, 2016

Students avoiding the outdoor world, or feeling unexplained sorrow, may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder, or depression with seasonal patterns. It is more commonly found in northern regions.Northern regions have less sunlight during winter months. This increases the likelihood of depressio...

Teens plagued by caring disease

Illustration by Katherine Kurz Photo credit: Katherine Kurz

Elizabeth Ernster

August 26, 2015

A person wakes up at 3 a.m. from a buzzing on their phone. Three text messages, two missed calls and one voicemail that all happen to be from the same person. Feelings of irritation rush over because they are tired of people always checking up on them. Society has created a stigma around the idea of c...

Emoji emotions

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Miles Inserra

April 27, 2015

In the midst of a ten hour shift barbacking at San Francisco’s Starlight Room, a couple asked me to capture a moment with their iPhone and it occurred to me, I did not know how to use an iPhone. The home screen was so foreign I could not figure out how to access the camera in the dark. Granted...

Putting up walls can thwart real emotional connection

Putting up walls can thwart real emotional connection

Sophia Xepoleas

March 16, 2015

Your 20s are an interesting time. So far, my experience has proven to be one of immense personal growth and understanding. But I recently ran into a conflict when I became close with a group of guys that live a few apartments down. This relationship quickly evolved from small talk between strangers...

The O-Face: Rid relationships of insecurity

Michael Karp Photo credit: Kasey Judge

Michael Karp

April 1, 2014

Insecurities can hinder your sex life and other parts of a relationship. It can happen in a committed or casual relationship.   The 2013 winter break was the first extended period of time that I spent away from my girlfriend. It was also when I first felt any type of relationship inse...

Love is losing its leverage

Prin Mayowa

Prin Mayowa

March 6, 2014

Love is no longer a hot commodity. In fact, I'm sure you can buy it from a vending machine in Japan now. The four-letter word of affection has become something so mundane that it no longer has its flash or appeal.Times have drastically changed in terms of how concise speech is. Years ago, saying "I love yo...

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