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Porn is more than just Playboy magazines

Porn is more than just Playboy magazines

Brooke Martin

November 6, 2018

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When thinking of the word ‘porn,’ you may picture videos depicting extremely graphic sex or old Playboy magazines. While this porn exists, there are other types too.Growing up, parents and society make sure not to take away our innocence, this is especially true for movies and tv shows. Most ...

Refining the art of sexting

Refining the art of sexting

Joann Chevaillier

May 8, 2016

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I think we are losing the art and ability to seduce our partners with words, wit and intellect. Yes, a nice body is fun to look at or take for a spin, but what is going to make me stay? How is this person going to communicate with me? When I am not near, how does this person keep me on the hook when I ...

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