The Orion

Place those hands where we can see them

Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Karen Limones

October 10, 2018

Since we were kids, there has always been a lack of knowledge on the topic of sexual assault. But without a doubt, it is generally assumed it is done by a man. Given our prevalent cultural understanding of society and how common perpetrators of sexual violence are men, it is understanding. And now that off...

Too much true crime

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Alex Horne

February 19, 2016

Finally comfortable, you close your eyes in your soft warm bed and begin to drift asleep. Then your eyes open. You remember you just finished watching "Dateline."Quickly arising, you check every window and door and close all the blinds. You would nail wood over every door but you don’t have wood or na...

Tampons: Both a necessity, a burden

Illustration by Rachel Dugo

Madison Holmes

December 2, 2014

I have done everything in my power to avoid buying tampons since the red wave hit my sophomore year of high school. Instead of being a normal woman who could buy her own feminine hygiene products, I put the burden on others, namely the unsuspecting men in my life, to buy them for me. Count...

Flight 370 instills fear

Matt Murphy

April 14, 2014

I've never been particularly comfortable with flying. Malaysian Airlines' Flight 370 has done nothing to assuage my fears. While new information has come about the whereabouts of the plane that will perhaps prevent this from happening again, I'm taking little solace. This will be front and center in ...

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