Place those hands where we can see them


Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Since we were kids, there has always been a lack of knowledge on the topic of sexual assault. But without a doubt, it is generally assumed it is done by a man. Given our prevalent cultural understanding of society and how common perpetrators of sexual violence are men, it is understanding. And now that officials have gained political power, I fear it will become more of a trend for women to be ignored and continue to be treated as if we are a piece of meat being served for dinner.

It has not been forgotten that men can also be a victim to this act. However, it’s frustrating that these acts have become more common for men to get away with, especially by those who obtain a say in our political court. In recent situations, women have bravely shared their stories with the public, degrading on buried up memories and, instead of being heard, many people choose to dismiss them. There is a myth that women fabricate rape accusation to ruin men’s lives and this refrains survivors from reporting it, according to a Bloomberg report. Which is one of many reasons’ women don’t speak on their behalf of such incidents, because they fear of being called liars.

Despite your political spectrum, if you see any source of action, find the human decency deep down inside of you to prevent it from happening. As a woman, these are only setbacks to our success and the rein of power of men is dominating us. I can’t tell you how victimized I have felt from getting my buttocks spanked a couple times at a social gathering or club to be told it was a simple ‘love tap.’ I could really care less if your way of showing affection towards someone is by placing your hands somewhere they don’t belong. They don’t belong there, and I wouldn’t mind taking your a** to court if I knew I had the chance of winning my case.

It’s clear, we must face reality and come to see that women are still on a constant battle for their rights. Especially now, as the run around media has been on women and the lack of support they have had on their assault cases. We must raise ourselves and our next generation to rally and put an end on the acceptance of such acts. If a woman is willingly taking their time to talk about a strong touchy subject, then they are clearly giving us warning signals that we are allowing people run for authority who do not deserve the position.

As a woman, it is not all too intriguing to see men on social media obtaining higher positions when they’ve mistreated woman, not only physically but verbally. Not only that, it is one step closer to keeping our mouths shut from the lack of support we fail to have as women. I’m tired of this, it’s time prosecutors got a taste of their own medicine.

Karen Limones can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.