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Free concealed carry class offered to women

Ted Lidie showing his students what a shoulder halter looks like. Photo credit: Angelina Mendez

Angelina Mendez

December 9, 2019

On Thursday evening from 5-9 p.m., the company Legal Heat and Chico’s Sportsman’s Warehouse hosted a free women’s concealed carry permit class. The class, rated highly online and described as informative, is a part of the process to obtain a carrying concealed weapons permit that is al...

‘Black Guns Matter’ talks gun safety

Maj Tourje presenting. Photo credit: Julian Mendoza

Julian Mendoza

November 26, 2019

A rapper and political advocate came to Chico State to discuss the importance of the Second Amendment and taught uneducated gun users how to aim a gun using a fake one.Young Americans for Liberty invited Maj Tourje a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who is a political activist and rapper to come ...

Police Blotter: Indecent exposure, fraud and burglary

Police Blotter: Indecent exposure, fraud and burglary

Gordy Papalias

February 6, 2019

University Police Call Type: Disturbance Wednesday, Jan. 23, 3:19 p.m., Aymer Jay Hamilton Hall on Arcadian Avenue. Reporting party stated that a woman in a pink sweater beat her up two weeks ago and is now waiting in the area to fight her. All parties were counseled and agreed to leave eac...

Chico State students, faculty speak out on gun control issue

Nicte Hernandez

March 28, 2018

Kayla Tarrant Q: What is your opinion on stricter gun regulations? A: I believe we definitely need stricter gun regulations like extensive background checks, domestic violence history, drug or alcohol abuse or checks to see if people are just more prone to being aggressive when they’re not i...

Arming teachers won’t stop mass shootings

Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Nicte Hernandez

March 3, 2018

In the wake of another mass shooting, politicians are conflicted on what policies to pass. They are committed to organizations but they also have voters pulling them another in another direction. At a recent press conference, President Trump said that he feels teachers should be armed and that we need ...

Gun laws need to change before students can feel safe

Photo credit: Liz Coffee

Kendall George

February 20, 2018

According to Business Insider, 30 mass shootings have occurred in 2018. CNN reports that eight of these have been school shootings. Washington Post states that, on average, two dozen children are shot every day. Statistics published on Vox show that states with more guns have more gun deaths overall, higher sui...

The resurgence of rednecks

Photo credit: David Molina

Whitney Urmann and David Molina

September 16, 2016

There was a photo on my Instagram feed the other day of one of my high school classmates holding a can of chew with a Confederate-themed manicure. Roughly four photos after that, other former peers of mine posted their engagement photos, one of which was of them wrapped in a Confederate flag. I di...

Gun control from a different angle

Illustration by Trevor Moore Photo credit: Trevor Moore

Nick Bragg

August 31, 2015

Regardless of gun control, people who want to murder, rob or commit criminal acts will still be able to get their hands on an illegal firearm to get the job done. This scary fact is one of the reasons why I think California is traveling down an unconstitutional path that will hurt the p...

Campus gun policy unlawful, potentially

Donald E.J. Kilmer Jr., a San Jose attorney who practices civil rights cases, speaks at a gun control debate on campus March 4. Photo credit: Salahadin Albutti

Tj Carter

April 1, 2014

Concealed weapons permit owners in California are legally able to carry firearms on college or university campuses in the state, according to the California penal code.Despite California law, Chico State students are not allowed to carry any weapons on campus, including guns, gun replicas, knives, explosives or dangerous chemicals, according to the Chico S...

Guns still not allowed on campus

Tj Carter

February 26, 2014

California judges ruled it unconstitutional to require good cause or good moral standing in the community as a guideline for applicants of concealed carry weapons permits. The ninth circuit court of appeals voted 2-1, finding that those guidelines were a violation of the Second Amendment's right to be...

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