Gun laws need to change before students can feel safe


Photo credit: Liz Coffee

According to Business Insider, 30 mass shootings have occurred in 2018. CNN reports that eight of these have been school shootings. Washington Post states that, on average, two dozen children are shot every day.

Statistics published on Vox show that states with more guns have more gun deaths overall, higher suicide deaths by guns and more police shot on duty. This statistic is mimicked in other countries that have more guns as well. In contrast, states with fewer guns or more regulated gun laws, gun deaths are lower. Astonishing.

Gun laws need to change. The culture of America is changing. People are dying. Children are dying. In the light of recent events, The Orion staff is now preparing for an event like this at Chico State. We are preparing for what we would do to protect each other if someone was to come on campus with a gun. Where would we hide? How would we fight back? Who is CPR certified? These are discussions that are starting to happen in our office. That is ridiculous. This shouldn’t be happening. Something is wrong. Gun laws need to change.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

People kill people with guns. Guns are made to kill. Whether it be an animal for food, to protect a home or to show off at a show. It doesn’t matter. Guns are made to kill things.

“People who want guns will get them somehow. This is just taking away rights from law-abiding citizens.”

Yes, maybe people will still try to get guns. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make it as hard as possible for them to do so. The same argument can be applied to other things, just to show how ridiculous this argument is. Murderers are still going to murder people, so why should we make it illegal? Laws don’t have to be perfect to be effective. Laws are here to protect people. Guns are here to kill people. We need more laws, fewer guns so we can have fewer children dying.

Again, children are dying. Maybe it’s time to put the ego aside, change the laws and get progressive with what America is screaming at our faces. Gun laws need to change so students in school, including Chico State, can feel safe again.

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