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Butte County Public Health calls out college-age population for COVID-19 surge, Chico State students under investigation

Front view of Kendall Hall

Kimberly Morales, Editor

September 2, 2020

Butte County Public Health announced on Wednesday that within a week, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among people ages 18-24 in Butte County had risen by 557.  Of the 557 cases, 464 of the confirmed cases were from Chico. As Labor Day weekend approaches, BCPH urged the 18-24 ag...

Chico Speaks presentation reviews data from student surveys regarding sexual assault, harassment

Chico Speaks presentation reviews data from student surveys regarding sexual assault, harassment

Kimberly Morales, Staff Writer

February 29, 2020

On Wednesday, Chico State’s: Safe Place, Title IX department, Associated Students Academic Senate and California Faculty Association hosted a keynote presentation. Chico State’s Department of Health and Community Services assistant professor Dr. Christine Leistner broke down the results of the Chic...

With all these vaping-related deaths, some still believe in its safety

Photo credit: Julian Mendoza

Jack Lewis

October 21, 2019

For years, big tobacco has used shady tactics to get Americans hooked on nicotine. In fact, smoking cigarettes is the number one cause of preventable death in the nation, responsible for over 480,000 deaths every year according to the CDC. Now, the nation is experiencing a new form of nicotine addiction...

Anti-Vaxxers are accomplices to murder

Photo by Hyttalo Souza on Unsplash

Gage Northcutt

April 17, 2019

Due to the surge in parents refusing to vaccinate their children, a measles outbreak has spread across the Pacific Northwest. Not only has this reached Butte County, but specifically the measles outbreak has reached a student at Chico State.The anti-vaccination movement believes getting exposed to a dangerous and possibly fatal illness is a good thing. This ideology is a treasure tro...

The new hype: Eyebrow threading

Getty Images by Andreas Kuehn.

Janette Estrada

February 13, 2019

Name the single most important vanity feature with the potential to change your facial structure. You guessed it: eyebrows.Through thick and thin, the beauty of brows continues to be a popular trend. With the influence of social media, beauty tips overflow feeds with new styles to try, but there is ...

Five ways to spread holiday cheer, not germs

Getty Images photo by Ijubaphoto

Brooke Martin

December 14, 2018

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s; these holidays are here but so are sicknesss.Winter is a great season for romance. It’s filled with matching ugly Christmas sweaters, the sexy New Year’s Eve kiss and much more. What’s not so hot though, is the flu.The flu is a very co...

DTF with protection?

Condoms one of the many ways to prevent STD's. Photo credit: Dominique Wood

Rachael Bayuk

September 25, 2018

We are living in the height of reclamation. Words that were previously used to shame us are now ours to say alone. Slurs that would kill a high school reputation, just five years ago, are now proper greetings to best friends. With this new wave of empowerment, there is a new age of sexual revolution go...

Self-care is important; stress free phone apps

Photo courtesy of Getty Images by Malte Mueller Photo credit: Malte Mueller

Rayanne Painter

September 18, 2018

Think about what makes you most happy after a long and stressful week. It could be a hot cup of tea paired with your favorite TV show, a day hike with friends or something as simple as reading a book. The possibilities are endless.These aspects of relaxation and “me-time” are often referred ...

Smoking should be banned on campus

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Carson Predovich and Dongyoung Won

September 18, 2016

When walking through the gorgeous Chico State campus, there are a few things to expect. You should be prepared to see a seemingly endless variety of trees, hear the birds chirping and the creek babbling. What you shouldn’t have to be prepared for is inhaling a cloud of someone else's secondhand sm...

Change our partners, change ourselves

Photo credit: Helen Suh

William Rein

April 5, 2016

There’s a recent trend in absolutism with two main ideas: It’s detestable to critique others, and it’s respectable to never let others change you. This second “stick to your guns” idea has some painful consequences for romantic love, not to mention its embedded conceitedness. It...

Alex Project: Suicide help is just one text message away

Sarah Strausser

October 22, 2015

It was just over five years ago when Alex Strauss, former Pleasant Valley High student, tried to reach out for help over text and did not receive a reply. Later that night, the then 17-year-old took his own life. There are countless call-in hotlines all over the country and here in Butte County. Text ...

Hard alcohol culture rises at Chico State

Burnett's vodka, commonly referred to as

Sarah Strausser

October 4, 2015

  On a typical Friday or Saturday night in Chico, the Enloe Medical Center emergency room treats two to four patients for alcohol overdose. Although the hospital does not release whether the patients are Chico State students, Christina Chavira, Enloe Medical Center marketing and commun...

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