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‘Lovebite’ with caution

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images by Adene Sachez

Karen Limones

September 19, 2018

It could become irresistible when your partner touches their soft lips across your neck. Before you know it, the passionate kissing leads to sucking and now you have a hickey on your neck. I can't say I'm not guilty of having given one and receiving one, it's like having a reminder of that hot and pa...

Off the Record: Sugar Parents and Hickies

Brooke Martin, Rayanne Painter, and Karen Limones

September 17, 2018

This week, Rayanne Painter and Brooke Martin with guest Sammy Browne share their opinion on hickies and potential sugar parents.Rayanne Painter and Brooke Martin can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter....

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