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University police department: Students don’t trust increased police presence

Cheif John Reid took permanent post as chief of UPD in Dec. 2017. Photo credit: Natalie Hanson

Kimberly Morales

October 26, 2019

Within the last year, police presence has been increased on campus -- and reactions have been mixed, according to the University Police Department.When students voice their concerns about their safety, many show reluctance to report possible crimes or concerns, according to UPD Chief John Reid. Why some ...

Chico State leaders respond to student concerns on campus safety

Students voiced their concerns about campus safety Friday afternoon in Colusa Hall.. Photo credit: Julian Mendoza

Julian Mendoza

March 12, 2019

After rumors began to emerge about a suspicious suspect being on campus Monday morning, a conversation with administration was held in Colusa Hall on Friday regarding the safety of students on campus.The conversation was a follow up of the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center’s open discussion on Tuesday with Chela Mendoza Patte...

Police respond to rumors of man on campus asking suspicious questions

Chico State Police were present outside Meriam Library following rumors about a suspicious subject Photo credit: Kendall George

Kendall George

March 4, 2019

Updates: Earlier, it was reported that the Chico Police Department responded Monday morning to the rumors of a suspicious subject being on campus. It was actually the University Police Department who responded. There has also been a confirmation that the suspect was not on campus Monday morning according...

Police Chiefs talk campus safety

District Attorney Mike Ramsey sits down with Chico community members to discuss campus safety. Photo credit: Dan Christian

Dan Christian

September 19, 2018

The Police Community Advisory Board met at Bell Memorial Union, Monday, to discuss safety in the community, and find out more about the issues most affecting students on campus. Board members were present, along with representatives from city and university law enforcement, to address issues like...

National safety organization ranks Chico State 164 out of 243 college campuses

While Chico State ranks low on's list of safe universities, University Police Chief John Reid said this number is deceiving. Reid said that part of the reason Chico State may be ranked low is that there have been more reported crimes in recent years which he sees as a good thing as more people are trusting police and coming forward with reports.

Mathew Miranda

May 2, 2018

According to a list created by, Chico State ranks as the 164th safest college campus in the nation., a national council for home safety and security, created a list called of Safest College Campuses in America for 2018. The group used the most recent data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting and the Campus Safety Securit...

Chico State Cannabis Forum sparks up conversation on recreational and medical cannabis

The cannabis forum panel consisted of five speakers from various fields. (From left to right) Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey, University Police Chief John Reid, Butte County Health Department Officer Dr. Andy Miller, Fire Pharmaceuticals CEO Samuel Monteon and Inland Cannabis Farmers' Association Executive Director Jessica MacKenzie. Photo credit: Alex Grant

Roberto Fonseca

April 19, 2018

The Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center hosted a cannabis forum to inform students and community members on the laws, risks and benefits of marijuana/cannabis use Wednesday. The panel of speakers consisted of five professionals informed on the topics: Mike Ramsey - Butte County District Attorne...

Reported Burglary in Child Development Department Under Investigation

Child development offices

Alex Grant

September 27, 2017

University Police received a phone call reporting a burglary and theft on Sept. 11. The child development laboratory director, Sally Miller, reported someone breaking into her office, Aymers J. Hamilton 120, around 2:18 p.m. Aymers staff members also complained to University Police about transient...

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