Reported Burglary in Child Development Department Under Investigation


Child development offices

University Police received a phone call reporting a burglary and theft on Sept. 11.

The child development laboratory director, Sally Miller, reported someone breaking into her office, Aymers J. Hamilton 120, around 2:18 p.m. Aymers staff members also complained to University Police about transient issues and damage to the play area after Miller reported this incident. This play area is a fenced-in playground that connects to the west side of Aymers and borders Arcadian Avenue.

Child Development Play Area
child development play area Photo credit: Alex Grant


Interim Police Chief John M. Reid said the incident is still under investigation. According to the chief, there’s a lot of activity around the Aymer Hall area, so this is a highly patrolled area.

“All I’ll say about this particular case is that, yes we’re investigating the burglary,” Reid said. “The report we have is that someone entered the building (after hours) and removed some items.”

Since the case is still under review, University Police cannot release any specific details yet.

“We’re not going to put out details about what was taken, how people got into the building,” Reid said, “Because we are still figuring out a strategy.”

Miller didn’t respond to email or phone interview requests. Her staff said this was a personal issue and that they couldn’t discuss the matter while under investigation.

“There’s a lot of public movement through that area,” Reid said. “We have some University property there, but Children’s Park and… that outdoor amphitheater, that’s in the city, and then Bidwell Mansion is state parks, so there are three different groups working there.”

Since the incident, university police officers have conducted daily directed patrols and area checks around Aymers Hall, Arcadian Avenue, and Modoc Hall.

“We’re providing some extra patrol in a means of ensuring that the staff feels comfortable, secure and safe,” Reid said.

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