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City council bans furniture outside homes

Cory Hackbarth, senior mass communication design major, has a couch on his porch and is not in favor of the ordinance. Photo credit: Jenelle Kapellas

December 18, 2015

At a city council meeting on Dec. 1, the Chico Fire Department recommended an ordinance to council members that will prohibit furniture outside homes and patios. The ordinance passed and will be effective immediately, according to Sean Morgan, vice mayor of Chico. It aims to eliminate couch and furni...

Updated off-campus housing guide educates students, brings community together

Dan Herbert, Director of Off-Campus Student Services, aims to bridge the gap between the campus and the community to solve ongoing misconceptions about college students. Photo credit: Lauren Anderson

December 7, 2015

Chico State hired a new position on campus this past summer to update the off-campus housing guide and bring the university, law enforcement and community members together.Dan Herbert, Director of Off-Campus Student Services, hopes having discussions about students, the university and housing situati...

Noise ordinance aims to reduce complaints

Lauren Anderson

November 8, 2015

The north and south areas of campus have a history of noise complaints according to Mark Sorenson, mayor of Chico. Now the city council has stepped in to try to put an end to the problem.On Oct. 20, the council approved additions to an already-established noise ordinance which will now allow officers ...

New faculty members hired to meet student needs

Josh Trout, kinesiology department chair, thinks the new part-time faculty are being hired for budget reasons. Photo credit: Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson

October 15, 2015

Many departments on campus have hired more full-time faculty to ensure there are enough professors to teach the required classes students need for their majors. There have been 47 faculty members hired this year, and Chico State is expecting to hire 125 more in the next three years, said Joe Willis, dir...

Chico State adopts new background check policy

Glenna Morgan, professor of communication design, expressed her concerns with the live-scan background checks due to its timeliness factor. Photo credit: Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson

October 2, 2015

New student and faculty hires may feel less intimidated by a background check policy change that eliminates the need for fingerprinting and speeds the entire process along. The new policy, Accurate Background, provides a background check online in which the candidate simply fills out a questionnaire,...

Student charged thousands in apartment rental fees

Kenny Singh, junior nursing major, was charged thousands of dollars in fees upon moving out of his apartment. Photo credit: Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson

September 8, 2015

  Transitioning away from home or out of the dorms and into a house or apartment can bring an undoubted sense of freedom. Unfortunately, it can also lead to unexpected obstacles and frustrations. Kenny Singh dealt with the frustration of apartment living firsthand when he was charged more ...

Student pans for gold on the Feather River

Chase Calvin, junior criminal justice major, struck gold on the Feather River during one of his gold panning trips. Photo credit: Lauren Anderson

Lauren Anderson

September 5, 2015

With the price of gold continuing to climb and currently selling for $1,125.70 per ounce, it's no surprise a student like Chase Calvin struck gold locally, especially when he has access to an ideal spot in his own backyard— Feather River in Oroville.During the Gold Rush, Northern California was one of the bigges...

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