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Podcast: Why is modern pop music so stale?

Pop music has become dominated by the electronic and dance music genres. Photo by Getty Images.

Natalie Hanson, Alex Coba, Ulises Duenas, and Grant Schmieding

November 4, 2018

Pop music itself is not inherently bad, so why does it have such a bad reputation these days? In our latest podcast, we sat down to discuss the evolution of modern pop music (or lack of evolution) and how it got to where it currently is today. Tackling the state of contemporary popular music is no sm...

On This Day: ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ is the Elton John we know and love

The cover artwork of Elton John's seventh album,

Natalie Hanson

October 6, 2018

Editor's Note: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" was released on Oct. 5, 1973, not Oct. 6. On Tuesday, Sir Elton John will begin his worldwide tour, "Farewell Yellow Brick Road." It seems only fitting, then, to look back on his album "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," his best-selling album, in honor of the day it...

Stop listening to bad music

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Sean Daly and Dongyoung Won

March 23, 2016

You walk into a party and hear "Ass so big I told her look back at it, look back at it, look back at it, then I put a fat rabbit on the Craftmatic, I am so high ... attic, I am so high like an addict." The music sounds good and it makes for a fun setting so it doesn't really bother you.In any other c...

Best tunes for torture

Zachary Phillips

May 1, 2014

I once told my friend that I'd rather be water-boarded than listen to Katy Perry's "Roar" one more time. Although I was being hyperbolic, it turns out that these two forms of torture really aren't that different. In an article for the Huffington Post, Andy Worthington offers the reader a teaser to hi...

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