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New movie, TV show will spark race conversations

Alyssa Dunning

September 14, 2014

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Coming from a family of different races was normal to me. My mom married my stepdad, who is black, when I was nine. About a year and a half later my brother was born. As a kid I thought nothing of it, but as I grew up and we moved to a small town I realized it was a big deal to other people. With rece...

Post-racial universities are a myth

Kristina Martinez

May 15, 2014

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Many people see the present time as a "post-racial" world, but that is far from the truth. Four students, Logan Beaschler, Colin Warren, Joseph Bomgardner and an unidentified juvenile, are accused by Donald Williams Jr., their former roommate, of bullying him in his fall semester at San Jose State. Three...

Campus ceremony reflects on racism

Campus ceremony reflects on racism

Dominique Diaz

May 4, 2014

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A series of racial incidents on campus more than 25 years ago led to the Tree of Peace being planted on campus. On Saturday, many community members took place in a ceremony celebrating the impact and message that the tree represents.Jake Swamp, founder of the Tree of Peace Society and member of the Mohawk ...

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