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Trusting friends with partners

Trusting friends with partners

Joann Chevaillier

May 1, 2016

Many of us have no problem trusting our friends with anything that we see as ours: swimsuits, water bottles, cars and more. A question I often find myself asking is can I trust my friends with my partner?A while back I had a friend that would go after a guy even if I admitted that I liked him. She would...

Coping with adulthood is difficult

Matt Murphy

September 11, 2014

I dislike responsibility. Traditionally, I have done my best to shirk it wherever I can. It's scary and I've concluded that I would be much better off without it. It's quite unfortunate for me to report that at this point in time, given my status as a normal person who was not born with a trust fund, it's ...

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