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Coping with adulthood is difficult

Matt Murphy

I dislike responsibility.

Traditionally, I have done my best to shirk it wherever I can. It’s scary and I’ve concluded that I would be much better off without it.

It’s quite unfortunate for me to report that at this point in time, given my status as a normal person who was not born with a trust fund, it’s become increasingly difficult for me to avoid responsibility.

As it turns out, being an adult comes with a lot of things to do. As the great Louis C.K. says, “Life is just chores.” There’s a new list each day and anything that doesn’t get done apparently just rolls over to the next day like minutes on a Cingular plan from 2003.

I didn’t call my landlord to get my oven fixed today, and as you’re reading this it most likely still remains unfixed. I’ve probably smoked up my kitchen using it when I shouldn’t have and done some permanent damage to my lungs.

In fact, if I consider you a friend, maybe stop by to make sure I haven’t been passed out on the floor for the last few days.

Maybe it’s just the lung damage, but it really doesn’t feel as good or relieving as it once did to put things off and avoid them. It feels like I’m stunting my growth as a person. It feels like I’m just letting myself down by not fulfilling the potential I know I have.

Life may be a series of tests waiting to be passed, but there’s nothing wrong with needing a couple tries on them. I’ve never been a fast learner anyway.

Matt Murphy can be reached at [email protected] or @mattymurph93 on Twitter.

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