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Wildcats reveal their guilty pleasure songs

Paige Patterson (Senior) Photo credit: Ben Hacker

Jackson Sawa

May 3, 2017

We all have our favorite bands and songs that we are eager to show to our friends or blast at parties, yet, we also have our guilty pleasures that we listen to when nobody is around. This is the music to sing to alone in the car on long drives or secretly play through our headphone while walking to cl...

Q&A with Show Banga

Show Banga during his interview at the after party Photo credit: Natasha Doron

Niyat Teferi and Natasha Doron

April 7, 2017

For the last several years, rapper "Show Banga" has made a name for himself in the Bay Area and West coast music scene. The San Francisco native has made multiple hits and collaborated with big names like "E-40," "Sage the Gemini" and "Iamsu!." With three solo projects and more than 25 singles under hi...

Sage the Gemini coming to the Senator Theatre

Sage the Gemini engages fans during a show. Photo source: Sage the Gemini's Instagram.

Cassandra Porter

May 1, 2016

Rapper, songwriter and producer Sage the Gemini will be performing at the Senator Theatre on Saturday, May 7. The rapper is a member of The HBK Gang, short for Heartbreak Gang, a hip-hop and music production collective based in the Bay Area. HBK was founded by Iamsu!, another frequent performer in Chic...

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